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A Pioneer settler of Kings Langley, Seven Hills &
his descendants who settled on the Murray River

by Fay Powell


In 1794 Matthew and Martha Pearce arrived as free settlers in the convict colony of New South Wales, in search of prosperity, initially settling on a land grant they named Kings Langley in Seven Hills, now in western Sydney.

This is their story and the stories of their descendants, particularly those who settled in the vicinity of the present-day town of Howlong on the Murray River.

The head station for the Howlong run was held by Matthew Pearce Jr., a few hundred metres up-stream above the Red Bank which extends around the southern and western sides of the township protecting it from floods.

A few hundred metres down-stream, Surveyor General, Major Thomas Mitchell, crossed the Hume River (later renamed the Murray), in 1836 as he returned from his expedition to Australia Felix.

Family names include: Baker, Bowman, Chapman, Clark, Elliott, Ellis, Hayes, Herbstreit, Hillas, Howard, Howle, Hume, Hutchison, Izon, Kennedy, Lester, Little, Manning, McKay, McNamara, Parker, Pearce, Powell, Reid, Ross, Smith, Vile, Ziebarth - and others.

Published in Paperback in 2012 for the family
288 pages, with portraits, maps and family charts. Bibliography & Index.
ISBN 978-0-646-57386-1
Price $30.00
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