Self Publishing

What to do with all your work?

After years of research/writing, we all reach the point of having to decide about the next step… what to do with all of this material ?? Your work may be memoir or biography, fiction, poetry, a family recipe collection or a local or family history.

If a family historian, your options are:

If you want to publish, you need to decide how big is your readership - will your book attract only a specialised readership (500 copies or even 50 copies or less)?? If so, commercial publication may not be a viable option.

SELF-PUBLISHING enables you as the author to publish your work at your own expense, and control its future. Self-publishing has the advantage that you (or your organisation) keep control of your book and its destiny. Once printed, you OWN it. You can decide to give it away, or market and sell it, or use it as part of an educational, local history or other package. You set your own selling price to suit your special market.

Once sales have reimbursed your production and other costs, any and all profit is then yours/the organisation’s alone – all of it, not merely royalty payments.

SO...Come to us with your completed manuscript for assistance in getting the best quality publication at the best price...... or we can help you turn all that collected material (research, photographs and information), your hand-written manuscript or computer files - into a book ready for publishing.

We can provide any and all of the services you may need to finish the book. How much help we provide is entirely up to you. We can take your manuscript - computer-generated, typed or hand-written, even on tape - and we will help you to turn it into YOUR BOOK.

We can become involved at any stage in the process and be there with you through the various stages of producing your book, as you require.

You choose the services you need to fill the gap between your authorship and the printed book. This will depend on the stage you have reached and the level of hands-on involvement you choose to have in preparing the manuscript for printing.