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19th Century Operatic Tenor & 'Professor of Singing'


By Patricia Rogerson

1st Prize, 2013 Don Grant Award, Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies


This biography details the highs and lows of William Parkinson's life and professional career, telling how this son of a Lancashire cotton mill worker found fame as a well-respected and popular operatic tenor and 'Professor of Singing'.

William Parkinson (1834-1905) lived in the golden age of Grand Opera in Europe when singers were similar to pop stars of today. He summarised his career in the preface of his second singing instruction book -

For one-third of a century my home has been the English stage and platform. As proprietor of Opera Companies, as manager, conductor, and vocalist, every large town in the United Kingdom has welcomed me again and again. The stages of Her Majesty's, Covent Garden, Drury Lane, and other large London houses have been trodden by me times without number.

Challenging times were encountered when William Parkinson became proprietor of Preston's Theatre Royal in Lancashire. After immigrating to Australia in 1885, he successfully established himself as a leading teacher of voice production. William Parkinson is remembered for his significant contribution to opera and the art of singing.

Published privately in 2012 for the family

ISBN: 978-0-9923409-0-2
Published in 2013. 177 pages, with photographs.
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