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ONCE MORE TO BE FREE – A Story of Survival

by Kevin Golsby

ONCE MORE TO BE FREE – A Story of Survival

This historical novel is based on the real stories of four convicts transported to the penal colony of New South Wales in the early years of settlement:

Their stories are based on the author's research into his own ancestry and is set against the historical tapestry of that era and the colonial characters who shared their new lives.

The wooden biting block was thrust between his teeth. Joseph braced for the first of 300 lashes – punishment for absconding from his place of work at Norfolk Island. It would not be his last encounter with Lieut. Ralph Clark.

How could I have been so stupid?

The resounding turmoil of Rebecca's thoughts occupied every mile of the journey with her son William, as the police wagon made its way to London's Newgate Prison, thence to the Justice Hall of The Old Bailey.

Stand fast! Do not move! Raise your arms!

The brothers William and James Jenkins, sentenced to death for sheep stealing would spend five years on a hulk at Portsmouth, before their transportation to Sydney Cove.

The lives of these convicts would be forever linked by their convict chains, in the penal colony of New South Wales. There, against the turbulent background of Britain's most far-flung outpost, they would face starvation, shipwreck, brutality and murder, to emerge survivors... once more to be free.

"An authentic and absorbing portrayal of people, places and events from Australia's early colonial days... well researched, Golsby writes of his ancestors with compelling clarity." - G.W, Falkenmire, OAM, MA Med., Dip.Ed., Historian

A Paperback novel of 310 pages.
Price: $29.95 (RRP)
An engrossing story of life in the early years of the penal colony in New South Wales and Norfolk Island.
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