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Sweden to Australasia

by Felicity Gabbrielli


Benjamin Pherson Ekberg was born in Sweden in 1851. Christened as Bengt Persson, he added the surname EKBERG, a common practice in Sweden, and later anglicised his first names. He migrated from Sweden to New Zealand in 1874. Always entrepreneurial and inventive, B.P. Ekberg later moved on to Victoria, Tasmania, and then Africa, ever seeking a new business opportunity, principally related to mining.

He met and married his Irish wife, Catherine Glasgow, in New Zealand in 1877. She bore him 8 children between 1879 and 1895, maintaining a home base for their family as he moved on to the next venture. This book tells their story and the known stories of their parents and siblings, as well as their children and descendants.

Surnames (in alphabetical order) include: Agostini, Aldridge, Bengtsson, Bianciardi, Bruce, Buth, Byrne, Bysouth, Chambers, Chapman, Chenu, Doughton, Ekberg, Fairley, Fiddian, Gabbrielli, Gazal, Glasgow/Glasco(w), Haigh, Hart, Jamieson, Jebb, Johansdotter, Johannesson, Jopling, Keller, Kerr, Kilgour, Marriott, McCaughren, McCracken, McLennan, Meester, Moore, Norwood, Persdotter, Persson, Peters, Plowman, Redpath, Ryder, Sands, Simpson, Taylor, Teal, Teuffer, Toms, Watson, Weiss, White.

Published in Paperback in 2011. Reprinted with changes in 2014.
310 pages, with many portraits and family trees. Bibliography & Index.
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