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All over the place ...


A Memoire by Doreen McGlashan

All over the place ...

This lively and eventful life story covers almost a hundred years, beginning in a small English village in Lancashire in North West England and now in Australia - a story not exceptional, but made remarkable by the changing and challenging roles in one woman's life.

In the course of the adventure, there is village life, legends of Lancashire witches, and the Great Depression, followed by school and life in London, marriage at 21 to a handsome RAF fighter pilot - the hectic life of airfields, relocations, and great parties.

On permanent RAF commission after the war, constant relocations continued until a final posting in 1956 to Cyprus, with five daughters arriving along the way.

Immigrated to Australia in 1964 as 10-pound Poms and settled in Sydney. At age 50, Doreen returned to work, ultimately working in New York and Bombay.

Doreen and her husband then returned to live the village life in Devon, England, enjoying revisiting old haunts and friends, and many wonderful trips, but in 1981, they returned to Sydney, finally settling in the Southern Highlands in 1995 where her handsome fighter pilot died in 2005, after more than 63 years of perfect bliss.

Published privately in 2013.

301 pages, with photographs
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