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of Lamberhurst, Norwood, Richmond River, Maitland and Sydney

Biographies of a family line from earliest records to 2016

by Bryan Davis

The Davis Family


A series of biographies following the author’s line of descent, from the family’s Welsh roots and earliest surviving records in 1761 to the present day. After several generations in Lamberhurst and Norwood in England, the Davis family migrated to Australia in 1856 becoming pioneer settlers in the Richmond River district of northern New South Wales. Since 1883, the family has lived for the most part in Sydney but with more than a decade in Maitland at a time of major development of the Hunter Valley coalfields. Twice in its history, family members have been plunged into wars in distant lands - the Indian Mutiny of 1857 and the Second World War. The family’s periods of residence in Sydney have seen the city change immensely, with a twentyfold increase in population.

Published privately in paperback in 2016. 260 pages, with photographs.
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