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Memories of Colonial Sugar Refining Ltd (CSR)

Bruce Flood


This book is a History of the Colonial Sugar Refining Limited (CSR) from its foundation in 1855 with emphasis on its changes of operation and downsizing. The author was a long-term employee of CSR (1959 to 1996) as a young engineer and later as a senior manager, and he analyses CSR’s management decisions in moving into and then out of mining and energy in the 1970s and 1980s – Pilbara Iron, Mt Newman, Yandicoogina, Mt Gunson Copper, PT Koba Tin, Pacminex, Gold, Uranium, Bauxite and Aluminium, Coal and Delhi Petroleum, then moving out of Rinker and Readymix in 2003 and Sugar in 2010, ultimately focussing on Building Materials in Australia. It also covers CSR’s move into Asia in the 1990s, and then withdrawing completely some 15 years later.

ISBN: 978-0-9944428-0-2
Published in 2015. 176 pages, with photographs, bibliography and Index. Reprinted with changes in 2016.
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