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A Memoir

by Mary Coady


After losing her mother at the age of 3 years old, Mary's family was split up, as Joe, her father, was not able to cope on his own with such a young family. Her two young brothers, Nev and Vin, and sister, Jean, were placed in Burnside Homes near Parramatta in Sydney, and Mary was taken to live with Joe's brother, her Uncle Tom, Aunt Meg and five female cousins, where she was always referred to as "Joe's girl".

Joe's Girl chronicles the childhood Mary spent in the small country town of Neilrex NSW, and later follows her adult journey down to the 'big smoke' of Sydney.

Family names include: Cluff, Coady, Irving.

Published in Paperback in 2012 for the family
118 pages with family photographs
Price $25.00
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