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The Ahern Case 1845

The facts behind a murder case in colonial New South Wales

by Margaret Szalay


The stories and people behind an actual murder case in 1845 in the Penal colony of New South Wales - taken from the official colonial records and newspaper reports of the day.

John, Johanna, Margaret and Ellen Ahern, siblings from Fermoy in Cork, were all convicted in Ireland between 1828 and 1831 and transported to the penal colony in New South Wales. Many convicts to NSW built good lives for themselves and their families after gaining their freedom. However, all four members of the Ahern family were marred by their servitude and treatment, adversely affecting their lives.

This is a factual account of their lives, from their convictions, leading up to the tragic outcome in 1845.

60 pages, with many images. Bibliography.
Published in Paperback in 2011 - Price $15.00
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