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Ahearn Family History

Ireland and Australia

by Audrey Flood & Bruce Flood


Members of the Ahearn family were United Irishmen, involved in the 1798 Uprisings in Limerick. Their father Murtough was executed in 1803 for his part in the Uprisings and murder of the Bolands, English agents in Limerick. Three of the brothers, Murtagh, Michael and John, were convicted and transported to NSW on the infamous Atlas 1 in 1801; John died on the voyage. Murtagh and Michael both married female convicts in NSW later receiving land grants from Governor Macquarie in the Liverpool and Bankstown areas. Murtagh established a large family. This is the story of the brothers Michael and Murtagh, of their relative, Honorah/Norry Ahearn, also a convict per Elizabeth 1818, and of Murtagh’s descendants.

Family names (alphabetically): Abbey, Ahearn, Ahern, Amos, Anderson, Bales, Boyce, Bryde, Cheesman, Coates, Coquhoun, Dege, Dudley, Fleming, Flood, Flynn, Hammond, Harbridge, Harrigan, Harris, Hill, Hooper, Horwood, Hughes, Hunter, Hyne, Lahy, Laws, McDonnell, McFadden, McGarrity, Miller, Morrison, Muir, Napier, Needham, Nolan, Phelima/Fiueard/Frenaid, Quadrant, Riley, Scott, Thompson, Tindall, Wall/Ward, Wallace, Whitmore, Woodall.

ISBN: 978-0-9944428-1-9
Published in paperback in 2017. 174 pages, with many images, maps, & family trees.
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