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The Szalay Family in Hungary and Australia

from conversations with Margaret Szalay


In 2010, the year Elizabeth Szalay turned 90 years of age, she talked about her life in Hungary and Australia, in conversation with her first daughter-in-law, Margaret Szalay

These are Elizabeth's recollections of her happy childhood growing up in Budapest, her courtship and marriage to Ralph Szalay, their difficulties during the Second World War, losing a baby as Budapest was bombed by the Germans, and their survival in the aftermath of the Communist takeover in 1945 when Ralph spent 18 months in gaol. The Szalay family made the decision to flee their homeland following the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, to safeguard their sons' future, becoming refugees in Austria and ultimately immigrating to Australia.

This book includes family portraits and family trees.

This book has been published privately for Elizabeth's family and descendants - printed in limited numbers for distribution within the family

100 pages in Paperback
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