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ROYAL BLOODLINES: The Ancestry of the Harris Family in Devon

by Margaret Szalay with Julie Brooks

ROYAL BLOODLINES: The Ancestry of the Harris Family in Devon

Tracing the early ancestry of our 4xGreat grandfather, Robert Harris, born in Crediton, Devon in 1737, and dying London in 1807. This book is the author’s second collaboration with cousin, Julie Brooks, researching our common family lines. The first discovery was Robert’s direct descent from King Edward I of England, through his daughter, Elizabeth Plantagenet, who married into the de Bohun family (Earls of Hereford), down through the Courtenay (Earls of Devon) and Melhuish families in Devon, to our Harris family.

From there, the revelations expanded back to William the Conqueror and to the many royal houses into which the Kings of England married, and then exponentially across the royal and aristocratic houses of Britain and Europe … the Dukes of Anjou and Aquitaine, the Counts of Angoulême, Flanders, Provence, Savoy, the Kings of France, Castile, Scotland, and back to the Saxon Kings of England and Charlemagne & the Frankish Kings of Germany … even to the Crusades and the medieval Kings of Jerusalem. Family names: Courtenay, de Bohun, Harris, Hungerford, de Lusignan, Peverell, Plantagenet, to name a few.

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